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Banks and Financial Institutions

Financial Analytics and Automation

Financial institutions are increasingly turning to data science and analytics automation in their quest to stay competitive in Indonesia’s rapidly evolving financial landscape.
Supertype is trusted by leading banks and financial institutions in Indonesia, with a near 100% client retention rate.
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Banks & Financial Companies

We work alongside your team to develop analytics solutions that help you make better lending decisions, improve risk management, and streamline your back-office operations

Government & Regulatory Bodies

We develop data and intelligence solutions that help you monitor and regulate the financial industry, detect fraud, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Fund Managers & Asset Management Companies

We help you expand your investment services with portfolio optimization, automated reporting, and data-driven insights using first- and third-party market data.

Automated Market Insights

Analytics automation in their stock market reporting to IDX institutional and retail investors

Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)

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"Collaborating with Supertype for our integrated reporting project has been a transformative experience. Their deep understanding of data science has revolutionized our reporting processes, making them more efficient and insightful.

Their team's commitment to delivering solutions that meet our requirements has been truly impressive. Thanks to their innovative solutions, we now have integrated reporting that saves us time and resources."


Arsyil Hendra Saputra,
Indonesia Stock Exchange (Bursa Efek)

Data Architecture Consultancy

Employing the TOGAF (The Open Group Architectural Framework) framework, we design a data architecture that eliminates spreadsheet files and manual data processing from the existing structure.

Data Migration to Database

Supertype introduces a process for migrating historical data stored in spreadsheet files into the database. Our analytics engineers then create the necessary Python scripts to prepare the data for downstream i.e the stock market statistical report.

Data Quality Pipeline

Supertype’s engineers develop a bespoke data validation pipeline that re-validates each row of data as it gets added into IDX's database.

Automated Report Generation

The adoption of Supertype Summary brings end-to-end automation to the reporting creation process while guaranteeing consistency in each iteration of its report.


Supertype has proven to be more than capable in translating our needs and expectations. Through their work we were able to visualize the social media analytics and citizen's sentiment. Additionally, Supertype ensures a smooth knowledge transfer process to our team (Bank Indonesia).

Wahyu Indra Sukma, Central Bank of Indonesia

Serving Indonesia's most astute financial institutions.

Supertype Sectors

Sectors is an always-learning database built for Indonesia’s companies and financial institutions. Underlying the data warehouse is a collection of data pipelines connecting the IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange), industry-leading data providers, and our proprietary data.

Companies indexed on Sectors are analyzed, tagged, and scored using a combination of machine learning algorithms and human analysts on a daily basis. Businesses, investors, and developers has access to Indonesia’s most comprehensive financial data through a unified API.


The Banking Sector is evolving

Facing increasing competition from fintech companies and digital banks ("neobanks"), traditional banks are under pressure to innovate and digitize their operations. Supertype helps banks leverage data science, analytics, and automation to stay competitive in Indonesia's rapidly evolving financial landscape.

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Financial Analytics Workshop

We’re conducting an online workshop on financial analytics. The workshop covers topics such as portfolio strategies, data-driven investing, and the use of financial data APIs for stock research and sectoral analysis.

Analytics Developers for Banks and Financial Companies.

Supertype is the developer of Sectors (, a financial analytics and market intelligence platform serving the needs of leading financial institutions and asset managers in Indonesia. 

Our team is led by Samuel Chan, an analytics developer accredited with the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF) for his training in data science and financial analytics.
We also regularly engage with finance professionals with experience in corporate banking, asset management, and regulatory compliance and the right combination of credentials (e.g Chartered Financial Analyst etc) in the development of our analytics solutions.

Wealth Management

Banking Operations