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June 6 2024, Online Workshop

Financial Analytics code-along
Stock Analysis and Sector Research, the data way

Financial Analytics Code-Along Workshop

Who is this for?

Practical, hands-on introduction to financial analytics featuring Python, R and API programming. Suitable for beginners and anyone with an interest in the financial market.

Whether you are a hobby programmer, or looking to wet your feet in the field of data analytics, or if you’re even a little curious as to how stock analysts and investors apply programming to their professional work, this workshop serves as a great introduction to the intersection of programming, analytics and the financial market.

Cost per Admission 

  • Code-along Admission: IDR150,000 or $13 
  • [Optional] Extra $6 for 3 months worth of Sectors Standard subscription (worth $147) and 3 months worth of Supertype Fellowship (worth $39)


Online Video-Conferencing (Zoom)


6pm to 9pm (GMT+7 / Jakarta)
7pm to 10pm (GMT+8 / SG, KL)
6 June, 2024

Programming + Analytics + Financial Market

The Organizers
This Code-along workshop is created and organized by Supertype, a data science and analytics consultancy based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Supertype is a team of data scientists, engineers, and analytics developers who are passionate about helping businesses make better decisions through data. Supertype is the developer of Sectors (, a financial analytics platform built for the Indonesian stock market.

This workshop is supported by Algoritma, a leader in data science and analytics education in Indonesia. Algoritma offers a wide range of courses in data science, analytics, and programming, and has trained thousands of professionals in the region.

The Workshop
Financial Analytics is our attempt at methodically breaking down the “science” of stock market research, and showing the audience how professionals use data, analytics, and programming to make better investment decisions. It is as hands-on as you want it to be, with a focus on practical programming skills applied to live financial data from the Indonesian stock market.

We are big on details. 

So this isn’t a high level, 30,000-foot view seminar that skim the surface. We dive into the specifics, the implementation details, and unravel the technical process behind financial analytics: from data collection, data cleaning, exploratory data analysis, to teasing out macroeconomic indicators, financial health metrics, and finding insightful patterns in the data. The trainer will demonstrate plenty of code examples in R and Python, and you will be able to follow along on your own laptop.

Workshop Syllabus

Segment 1

1800 to 1900

Financial Analytics

A primer on the stock market, financial data, and the role of analytics in investment research.
Role of Data
How data is collected, cleaned, and prepared for analysis by industry professionals, and how you can do the same.
Investing Strategies
An overview of different investing strategies (with a focus on Value Investing and Dividend Growth Investing), and how to use data and analytics to inform your investment decisions. 
We will develop key user personas that are representative of the different types of investors in the market, and explore the role of data analytics in their decision-making process.

Segment 2

1900 to 1945

Macroeconomic Indicators

Understanding the impact of macroeconomic indicators on the stock market, and code-along sessions to demonstrate the ease of sectoral research using actual economic data.
Financial Health Metrics
Understanding the financial health of a company through its financial statements, and code-along sessions to demonstrate the ease of financial statement analysis using actual financial data.
Developing Financial Analytics
A practical and action-packed session showing you the common pitfalls in financial analytics, common data preparation routines for financial data analysis, and best practices in analytics development.

Segment 3

1945 to 2100

Build a FinTech App (Python)

A hands-on session where you will build a simple financial analytics app in Python, using real-time financial data from the Indonesian stock market.
Animated Financial Stories with ggAnimate in R
A fun and interactive session where you will learn how to create animated financial stories using ggAnimate in R, and how to engage in rich, data-driven storytelling.
Automated Competitor Analysis
A peek into the workhorse of and how we combine data engineering, data analytics, Large Language Models (LLMs), software engineering, effective database management and cloud computing to deliver a high-performance financial API platform for the Indonesian stock market.

Workshop Fee

One-time fee of $13 for workshop admission. 

Add S$6 for 3 months of Supertype Fellowship+ (retail US$39) and Supertype Sectors Standard (retail US$147) subscription for after-workshop support and continued participation in our peer-to-peer group.


For $13, get the full workshop experience and all coding materials.

IDR 150k
  • Full workshop admission
  • All workshop materials, datasets, and custom scripts

Workshop + Practicum

For $19, get the full workshop experience, all coding materials, and $186 worth of subscriptions and after-workshop support.

IDR 230k
  • Full workshop admission
  • All workshop materials, datasets, and custom scripts
  • 3 Months of Supertype Fellowship+ ($39) included

  • 3 Months of Sectors Standard ($147) included

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! This workshop is perfectly suited for beginners in programming, data science, and analytics. Your trainers will assume little to no prior knowledge of programming during the code-along, and will guide you through the basics of programming, data analysis, and financial analytics.
Code notebooks, sample datasets, and other resources will be provided to help you follow along even if you are new to programming.
The workshop will be conducted in English, with the trainers speaking in English primarily.

However, all trainers are fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and can provide support in Bahasa Indonesia if needed. We aim to make the workshop accessible to a wide audience, and all post-workshop support in the Practicum will be provided in the language of your choice.
This workshop is designed to be accessible to beginners in finance, investing, or the stock market in general. A passing understanding of financial concepts will be helpful in making the most out of the workshop, but it is not a prerequisite. The tools and resources you need to appreciate the use of data analytics in financial research will be provided during the workshop.
After purchasing a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email from the organizers with more details about the workshop, including the schedule, the meeting link, and other information relating to the workshop. As we approach the workshop date, you will also receive a link to download the workshop materials, including code notebooks and sample datasets should you wish to follow along on your own laptop.
We recommend joining the Financial Analytics workshop page on LinkedIn to stay connected with the community and receive updates about the workshop. Otherwise, you can get in touch with us directly at We respond within 1 day — typically within a few hours.
The $6 upgrade to Workshop + Practicum is great value for those who want to go beyond the workshop and receive peer-to-peer support and personalized mentorship as they continue to hone their analytics development skills post-workshop. The 3 months access to Supertype Fellowship+ ( alone is worth 6 times more than the upgrade price.
It is a great opportunity to be part of an exclusive community consisting of other analytics developers, the software engineers of Sectors, and the founding team at Supertype who care about supporting the growth of each other. Additionally, the Workshop + Practicum tier comes bundled with 3-month access to the Standard tier on Sectors, allowing you to develop your financial analytics skills further using real-time financial data from the Indonesian stock market.
If you cannot afford the ticket price, but are genuinely interested in attending the workshop, reach out to us on our LinkedIn page with a proof of your student status, and we will do our best to accommodate you with a free-of-charge admission.
We believe in making quality education accessible to everyone, and we are happy to support students who are passionate about learning data science, analytics, and programming.
Yes, we accept local bank transfers for participants residing in Indonesia. You should make your payment to the following bank account:
– Bank Central Asia (BCA)
– Account Number: 0023752333
– Account Holder: PT Supertype Teknologi Nusantara.
– Amount: 150,000 IDR (workshop) or 230,000 IDR (workshop + practicum)
– Add your name so we can identify you in the participant’s list
After making the payment, please email us ( a copy of the transfer receipt so we can confirm your registration. You can reach out to us on our LinkedIn page with any questions or concerns you may have about the payment process.

Learn from our best Financial Analytics Developers

This code-along workshop is organized by the analytics developer and engineers of Sectors (, a platform that brings visual market data and AI-driven stock analyses together into one tidy package. Due to its comprehensiveness, anybody can use Sectors to create insightful analysis, dissect market trends, and use our API to bring our data into their favorite programming environment, be it Python, R, JavaScript or even Excel.
Follow Sectors on Instagram or Sectors Showcase on LinkedIn to see how our financial analytics is helping investors and analysts refine their investment research process and all the ways you can leverage this data in your own projects.