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July 31st 2024, Online Workshop

Generative AI for Finance and Investing

Building AI agents for financial decision-making using fact-based reasoning and real-time data.
Brought to you by the analytics engineers and founding team of:

Practical, hands-on introduction to programming an AI agent that can be valuable for financial research, investment analysis and asset management. Suitable for beginners and anyone with an interest in the financial market or learning to code with real financial data.

$9 Workshop Admission Fee

During the workshop, your instructor will guide you through the thought process of architecting a generative AI using the latest breakthroughs in LLM (large language models). You will then learn how to build a simple AI agent that can generate financial insights, investment ideas, and do factual question-answering based on real-time financial data.

Add $5 for Workshop + Practicum

For an extra $5, you can upgrade your participation to the Workshop + Practicum tier (optional). Here's the offer:
  • $9 workshop admission included
  • $98 worth of Sectors API subscription included
  • $39 worth of Supertype Fellowship+ included (peer to peer learning group, mentorship, post-workshop implementation support)
After the workshop, all Practicum members are invited to join the Supertype Fellowship, where you can continue to build your AI agent, access real-time financial data, and collaborate with other members in the community with the free API credits provided to you.
Whether you are a hobby programmer, or looking to wet your feet in the field of data analytics, or if you're even a little curious as to what Large Language Models (i.e. GPT-4, Llama 3, etc.) can do for you, this workshop is for you.

Earn a Certificate of Completion (Practicum-only)

Follow along the last 1 hour of the workshop as a Workshop + Practicum member to earn a certificate of completion. 

We issue this certificate of completion as proof of demonstrable proficiency, and the difficulty level is suited for beginner / junior programmers. You will be asked to submit your work via a Github upload, at which point a mentor will assess and award a certificate as acknowledgement of your competency.

This Code-along workshop is created and organized by Supertype, a data science and analytics consultancy based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Supertype is a team of data scientists, engineers, and analytics developers who are passionate about helping businesses make better decisions through data. Supertype is the developer of Sectors (, a financial analytics platform built for the Indonesian stock market.
This workshop is supported by Algoritma, a leader in data science and analytics education in Indonesia. Algoritma offers a wide range of courses in data science, analytics, and programming, and has trained thousands of professionals in the region.

We dive into the specifics, the implementation details, and unravel the technical process behind financial analytics: from data collection, data cleaning, exploratory data analysis, to teasing out macroeconomic indicators, financial health metrics, and finding insightful patterns in the data. The trainer will demonstrate plenty of code examples in R and Python, and you will be able to follow along on your own laptop.

Cost per Admission 

  • Code-along Admission: IDR150,000 or $9
  • [Optional] Extra $5 for $146 worth of support and services


Online Video-Conferencing (Zoom)


6pm to 9pm (GMT+7 / Jakarta)
7pm to 10pm (GMT+8 / SG, KL)
31 July, 2024

samuel chan supertype

Your Instructor

  • Serial software entrepreneur with a decade of software engineering experience since 2006
  • Co-founder of HyperGrowth, GrowthBot, Algoritma and Supertype; now leading the team in building Sectors, Indonesia’s financial data layer
  • First in Southeast Asia to receive certification in Microsoft Data Science professional program, MongoDB (2014), and Asia’s first RStudio Certified Instructor; Also recipient of Graph Analytics for Big Data from UC San Diego, Machine Learning by Stanford (2016)
  • In-house consultant to SEGA-backed goGame, publisher of Disney Crossy Road, Big Hero 6 etc), Adaro (IDX: ADRO) group of companies and ex-employment at Gumi (TYO:3903), DianDian (600634.SH), year-long consulting at Beijing, Tokyo between 2013 and 2016
  • Contributor to various publication including the Logistics Institute by NUS (National University of Singapore)
  • Ranked #1 in Indonesia on StackOverflow’s R and Python topics (overall top 2% worldwide) between 2017 and 2023 (111 badges, 1.9+ million reach),
  • Accredited instructor for NTUC Singapore and IBF (Institute of Banking and Finance) Singapore and guest lecturer in various institutions


Introduction to Generative AI

The foundations that make LLM (Large Language Models) work, and the underlying ideas that make them so powerful.

Python programming with API

How to use Python to interact with Sectors API, and how to collect up-to-date financial market data for your AI agent.

Stock research fundamentals

How I approach stock research, and how you can use the same principles to build your own AI agent.

Building a simple AI agent

Writing no more than 20 lines of code, you too can build AI that uses real-time financial data to generate insights and investment ideas.

Industrial-level AI agents

Scaling your LLM to handle more complex tasks, with higher accuracy and fidelity requires a set of strategies like fine-tuning, tool-calling, vector stores, and caching.

Post-workshop Learning Path

How to continue your journey in building AI agents, using all the resources available to you in the Supertype Fellowship and the Sectors API (worth $137 combined).

Workshop Fee

One-time fee of $9 for workshop admission. 

Add $5 for 3 months of Supertype Fellowship+ (retail US$39) and Supertype Sectors API (retail US$98) credits, an incredible value for those seeking for after-workshop coding support, mentorship, and peer-to-peer learning.


For $9, get the full workshop experience and all coding materials.

IDR 150k
  • Full workshop admission
  • All workshop materials, datasets, and custom scripts

Workshop + Practicum

For $14, get the full workshop experience, all coding materials, $137 worth of subscriptions and after-workshop support, hi-res video recording and certificate of completion

IDR 230k
  • Full workshop admission
  • All workshop materials, datasets, and custom scripts
  • 3 Months of Supertype Fellowship+ ($39) for peer-to-peer learning and mentorship included

  • 3,000 credits of Sectors API ($98) for personal and commercial project included

  • Video Recording (mp4, hi-resolution)
  • Earn a certificate of completion by following the last hour of coding

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! This workshop is perfectly suited for beginners in programming, data science, and analytics. Your trainers will assume little to no prior knowledge of programming during the code-along, and will guide you through the basics of programming, data analysis, and financial analytics.
Code notebooks, sample datasets, and other resources will be provided to help you follow along even if you are new to programming.
The workshop will be conducted in English, with the trainers speaking in English primarily.

However, all trainers are fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and can provide support in Bahasa Indonesia if needed. We aim to make the workshop accessible to a wide audience, and all post-workshop support in the Practicum will be provided in the language of your choice.
This workshop is designed to be accessible to beginners in finance, investing, or the stock market in general. A passing understanding of financial concepts will be helpful in making the most out of the workshop, but it is not a prerequisite. The tools and resources you need to appreciate the use of data analytics in financial research will be provided during the workshop.
After purchasing a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email from the organizers with more details about the workshop, including the schedule, the meeting link, and other information relating to the workshop. As we approach the workshop date, you will also receive a link to download the workshop materials, including code notebooks and sample datasets should you wish to follow along on your own laptop.
We recommend joining the Financial Analytics workshop page on LinkedIn to stay connected with the community and receive updates about the workshop. Otherwise, you can get in touch with us directly at We respond within 1 day — typically within a few hours.
The $5 upgrade to Workshop + Practicum is great value for those who want to go beyond the workshop and receive peer-to-peer support and personalized mentorship as they continue to hone their analytics development skills post-workshop. The 3 months access to Supertype Fellowship+ ( alone is worth 6 times more than the upgrade price.
It is a great opportunity to be part of an exclusive community consisting of other analytics developers, the software engineers of Sectors, and the founding team at Supertype who care about supporting the growth of each other. Additionally, the Workshop + Practicum tier comes bundled with free access to Sectors API, allowing you to develop your financial analytics skills further using real-time financial data from the Indonesian stock market.
If you cannot afford the ticket price, but are genuinely interested in attending the workshop, reach out to us on our LinkedIn page with a proof of your student status, and we will do our best to accommodate you with a free-of-charge admission.
We believe in making quality education accessible to everyone, and we are happy to support students who are passionate about learning data science, analytics, and programming.
Yes, we accept local bank transfers for participants residing in Indonesia. You can checkout throughout the platform from the link above or make your payment to the following bank account:
– Bank Central Asia (BCA)
– Account Number: 0023752333
– Account Holder: PT Supertype Teknologi Nusantara.
– Amount: 150,000 IDR (workshop) or 230,000 IDR (workshop + practicum)
– Add your name so we can identify you in the participant’s list
After making the payment, please email us ( a copy of the transfer receipt so we can confirm your registration. You can reach out to us on our LinkedIn page with any questions or concerns you may have about the payment process.

Learn from our best Financial Analytics Developers

This code-along workshop is organized by the analytics developer and engineers of Sectors (, a platform that brings visual market data and AI-driven stock analyses together into one tidy package. Due to its comprehensiveness, anybody can use Sectors to create insightful analysis, dissect market trends, and use our API to bring our data into their favorite programming environment, be it Python, R, JavaScript or even Excel.
Follow Sectors on Instagram or Sectors Showcase on LinkedIn to see how our financial analytics is helping investors and analysts refine their investment research process and all the ways you can leverage this data in your own projects.