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analytics and automation for category-leading ecommerce


  • 3Kraters eliminates manual labor and guesswork in their product pricing by leveraging on an automatic price monitoring pipeline developed and deployed by Supertype.
  • A comprehensive analytics infrastructure that goes beyond basic Google Analytics implementations afford 3kraters with richer data points to their e-commerce business.


A leading alcohol e-commerce business in singapore

3Kraters is an alcohol e-commerce store with 300+ SKUs, and has to price them competitively on its platform as well as on aggregator marketplaces (Lazada, Shopee etc.). A competitive price for an SKU has to take into account marketplace demand factors, such as seasonality; and supply factors, i.e other sellers on the marketplace offering the same good at varying levels of discounts.

In addition to marketplace economics, 3Kraters faces challenges commonly associated with user acquisition and retention in e-commerce businesses.

3Kraters operate their own e-commerce business in addition to listing their products on 3rd party marketplaces and aggregator shopping sites, and the consolidation of these different data points across different platforms (with different schema and data structure) can be tedious and time-consuming.

Key challenges

Scattered data points from multiple listings across various e-commerce platforms result, difficulty in monitoring price movements of thousands of SKUs offered by competitors, and a lack of in-depth analytics beyond the most basic of Google Analytics feature-set.


  • Automated Price Monitoring

    Supertype's managed service that includes the development and deployment of an automated price monitoring utility. These automated scripts, authored in Python and deployed on Supertype's servers, update a spreadsheet with the latest prices of thousands of SKUs similar to those offered by 3Kraters.

  • Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and More

    A highly bespoke Google Analytics implementation that utilizes deep event tracking, session tracking, e-commerce conversion tracking, heatmaps and other behavioral analytics to provide a level of granularity that cannot be achieved with out-of-the-box analytics implementation.

  • Intelligent Search and Cart Recovery

    Supertype implement a layer search analytics to produce detailed analysis on users' search behaviors, connecting it with Google Analytics and stream out-of-stock SKUs form these searches into Google Sheets. Searches with purchase intent that lead to non-conversion (eg "out of stock", cart abandonment) are then nurtured downstream to recover potentially lost sales.

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david ve capital

Supertype is exceptional in its service. Sets up the tracking and end-to-end analytics infrastructure for our e-commerce platform in no time.

David Ng

Co-founder, 3Kraters

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