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Recruiting data analysts? The region’s finest talents from the data science, analytics and engineering domains have plenty to offer


Unsure about hiring data analysts from Indonesia? Read on to see my thoughts on why this is an untapped market you shouldn’t miss out. 

Pooling the country’s data science talents

Supertype was started in Indonesia as a social organization that bands the country’s best data analysts, data scientists, AI practitioners, machine learning engineers and software developers together. It is a purpose-driven initiative started deep in the Covid-19 pandemic, to offer a place of support, companionship, and above all, to facilitate a high degree of knowledge transfer in the data science and artificial intelligence domains among Indonesia’s frontrunners.

Many of the members in this Collective are highly skilled researchers, and we operate in Units. From computer vision Units, to natural language processing (NLP) Units; from generic deep learning research Units, to marketing analytics and business intelligence Units, the Collective program gathers these data scientists in a team of 5, and develop them in a mentorship program supervised by experienced data science professionals and industry veterans. 

We’ve also partnered with Indonesia’s leading data science education center, Algoritma, who prides itself on its rigorous 140-hour curriculum (offered in English through Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore, and Bahasa Indonesia in Indonesia) to provide additional supervisory and oversight to our Development program.

Why work with Supertype?

Companies around the world are gearing up to embrace the fourth industrial revolution, accelerated by key breakthroughs in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and data science. By hiring data analysts and data scientists on a distributed, extended-team model, companies have access to the most qualified data talent, unrestricted by his or her geographical locations. 

Large organizations such as GitLab has 1,000 employees in 54 countries, and serve 100,000 organization clients from around the world. WordPress’s parent organization say its employees, 1,273 of them, hail from every continent and 36 countries around the world.

“We are a distributed company, democratizing publishing and development.” – Automattic (

When you hire data analysts from Supertype, you are tapping onto a network of highly skilled data and analytics talents, managed and supervised by industry veterans. This wider pool of pre-screened, well-trained talent further translates to incredible access and value for the hiring business, unbounded by geographical restrictions. Unlike traditional offshore hiring, there is no lengthy recruiting process and cost, no office setup cost, no hardware investment cost (Supertype provides everything), and no hiring risks associated with traditional hiring process.

Because we provide the talent, facilities, equipment, ongoing supervision, this allows you to scale up your data science and data engineering capacities with as little upfront time and cost as possible.  

Data Science Scene in Indonesia

When you hire a data analyst from Indonesia, you are hiring from a country with the fourth largest population and whom national motto is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, literally meaning “unity in diversity”. The world’s largest archipelago is so rich in ethnic, cultural and linguistic varieties its easy to forget that it is also home to the region’s most acclaimed scholars, researchers, scientific workers and institutions. 

Indonesia is also home to some of the world’s largest internet businesses, with a burgeoning e-commerce market that is standing at US$21.0 billion in gross market value. Consequently, a surge in tech investments by homegrown unicorns led to the rise of innovation centers, R&D centers, and education centers aimed at advancing the human and tech capital in areas of machine learning and data science.

Spurred by the rapid growth of e-commerce and homegrown unicorns, Indonesia is fast becoming a hotbed of  data science talents and analytics developer. Our sister organization, Algoritma (a company I co-founded in 2017), is a data science education center that has done consultative training for more than 200 client companies, and its courses are taught in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. 

At Supertype, we are working tirelessly to build a work environment that enable these talents to produce world class work — work of the highest caliber. A peer support network, a work unit system, mentorship from industry veterans, ongoing programming courses, a repository of scripts and resources, and internally developed tools or software packages.

By working with us, you’re building a globally distributed data science task force that is diverse yet unified and equipped in their commitment to your success. 

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