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Thank you and next steps.

You should be landing on this page after successful registration to our Financial Analytics workshop. You should receive a confirmation email from us shortly. As we approach the workshop day itself, we will be sending you another email with the online conferencing link. 

Here are the next steps to get you ready for the Financial Analytics workshop!

1. Sign up for Sectors

This should be a 3-min activity. Hop over to and create a free account. To make the most out of Financial Analytics, we will require some actual live financial data and we’ll be using Sectors API Platform. 

2. Join our Discord Channel

Join our Discord channel so we have a way to reach you and form a mentorship connection. This is especially important if you also registered for the 3-month Practicum.   

About Supertype

Supertype begins life as a self-funded social initiative, started in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic as a platform to help talents graduating from the software and data science domains land valuable commercial opportunities. In support of that goal, Supertype runs a rigorous development program, along with producing its own set of internal development tools to help its members gain proficiency across the full cycle of AI engineering and software development. We retain our best talents from each cohort of the development programs, and put them on commercial projects led- and closely mentored by industry veterans and serial software entrepreneurs. Today, Supertype has year-long contracts with some of the world’s largest corporations, and the tools it authors are deployed in large enterprises across different industries. By combining a deep expertise in software engineering, mathematics / AI and consulting experience, it brings speed of execution from day one of the consultancy cycle.

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