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Full service Google Analytics setup + consultation.

Web Analytics Services & Setup

Find behavioral patterns among your highest LTV (lifetime value) customers with accurate analytics, designed and implemented from our Google Analytics experts.

All in One Web Analytics Package

google tag manager implementation

Why invest in a tailored setup?

A basic Google Analytics integration covers your basic needs but as your web business outgrows your setup, you want the analytics infrastructure to be an asset, not a bottleneck. We help put in place the right analytics foundation, using Google’s own tools (Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Search Console) to ensure: 

  • Important events are being tracked and measured
  • Goals and conversions are quantified and visualized in your home currency
  • Behavioral funnels and checkout process are visualized
  • Site searches are captured to surface lost opportunities and identify purchase intents
  • No mis-tracking or mis-attribution; Inaccurate data can be worse than having no data!

A Tailored Google Analytics Setup
A Web Analytics Service that is diagnostic in approach

Understand the role of Data Analytics in your Current Process

  • Identify key business needs and draw user personas for your web analytics stack 
  • Understand the current and future plans on your web / e-commerce business
  • Diagnose current decision-making processes within each division
  • Understand the key points of events, goals, and conversion paths of your business

Google Analytics Implementation based on Google's recommended approach

  • Using Google Tag Manager, a tag management system from Google, we can keep the Google Analytics implementation tidy and coordinated. 
  • Setting up event tracking (how many times did a site visitor use the live chat widget, filled a survey, download a PDF resource, watched a video) to understand if key user interactions are being made throughout the site
  • Setting up goals and assign goal values (schedule a phone call / demo session, signed up for an account, filled in an enquiry form, made a trial purchase) to understand if your business goals are being met across the site
  • Using Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking, obtain detailed breakdown of your e-commerce analytics: best-selling product, categories and brand
  • Set up Custom Dashboards and Reports so your most important metrics are always one click away

A well-configured Google Analytics setup & training

  • Receive tailored web analytics services: a custom Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager integration that is purposefully set up for your business users
  • Custom Dashboards, Custom Reports and other views tailored to your current and future business needs
  • A proper foundation to add future integrations onto your web analytics setup such as Hotjar, Facebook advertising pixels etc
  • A one-on-one walkthrough to guide you through your Google Analytics setup

Google Analytics Implementation Made Simple.

Custom Tracking Services
to pick and choose from:

google analytics service

Events Tracking on Google Analytics

Custom tracking on user-defined events (i.e. watch a video, use a live chat widget, filled a survey, download a whitepaper, add item to watchlist etc)

Goals And Site Search Tracking

Track completed actions like user registration, trial purchase, customer enquiry form, or any site search (search terms, search results etc) activity

E-Commerce Tracking on Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking, obtain detailed breakdown of your e-commerce analytics: best-selling product, categories and brands.

Custom Dashboards and Reports

Surface missed opportunities and gain full clarity on your web analytics by putting the most important metrics right in one place through custom web dashboards right within Google Analytics.

Additional Modules

Add-on web analytics services
search analytics

1. Real-time Search Records Streaming

Stream raw site searches data in parallel to your a private Google Sheet or a database of your choice. This allows you and your marketing team to immediately pick up opportunities and identify any potential lost sales when a searched query (purchase intent) turns out to be unfruitful. One-time setup fee and an optional maintenance fee of $9/month.

google analytics BI

2. Business Intelligence Integration

Directly integrates our web analytics services with Microsoft PowerBI, Google Data Studio, or Tableau. This consolidates your Google Analytics data with the rest of your enterprise data: internal data, CRM, stock inventory, employee performance etc. One-time setup fee.