supertype consultancy

Enterprise Case Study

Data science consulting and advisory for companies that need results.


Guided advisory and consultancy on your data and analytics infrastructure, by machine learning engineers familiar with your business landscape.


An embedded model or a managed services model, where Supertype acts as your extended data science team throughout the engagement.

Expertise Development

A long-term approach to competencies development, with assistance on recruitment, talent development, and upskilling existing employees.

Case Study

Featured projects from Supertype's enterprise-level data science consulting services

toyota astra motors data science

Toyota Astra Motor (TAM)

How Supertype engineers work with Toyota-Astra Motor's data teams to implement an ETL pipeline that closely integrates with their Azure Blob Storage and Azure Machine Learning services, enabling machine learning experiments that...

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Zoomd x Supertype

Programmatic audience creation through a bespoke machine-learning-as-an-API service, so media buying on RTB (real-time buying) exchanges are timely and with a stream of pre-qualified audience.

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creadits supertype

Creadits x Supertype

Supertype's data scientists and Creadits combined to produce advertising creatives that are 40% more performant, powered by data

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Opera adcolony audience lookalike

Opera x Supertype

Learn how Supertype's data scientists took AdColony (by Opera) advertising operations and monetisation to the next level using a range of machine learning techniques

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adaro mining barito river

Adaro Mining x Supertype

How Supertype develop an end-to-end analytical infrastructure to facilitate real-time analytics and water level prediction for Adaro, a regional leader in coal mining and related operations.

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bank indonesia x supertype

Central Bank of Indonesia x Supertype

How Supertype build a centralized, queryable API service and data archive for the central bank of Indonesia, helping the client harness the power of big data on understanding public opinion towards monetary...

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3-Stream Approach to Client Success

We like to take a holistic approach, with a consulting framework that emphasises on competencies development through continual knowledge transfer. Get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Holistic Consulting.

Managing an analytics problem results in downstream technical debt that affects your organization’s decision making ability. 

Solving infrastructural problems in your data and analytics stack is often far cheaper.

Our data science consultants and solution engineers work with you to identify key problems and opportunities across your organization, and draw out a solution roadmap after careful consideration of your existing infrastructural constraints and resources. Our domain-specific consultants produce recommendations that are effective, focused and principled.

When you need an embedded team to be deeply immersed within the problem sphere and your data analytics infrastructure. A seamless way to extend your data science team to include missing competencies or complementary engineering dimensions.

Maximise knowledge transfer from our team to yours through a series of workshops, and active assistance across the human capital functions — recruitment, talent development and continual mentoring by our data scientists.