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Full-Cycle Data Science Consultancy.

Data Science and Automation Engineers

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Analytics Services

Data engineering and analytics services that integrate with the rest of your business processes

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Custom Development

Managed development for data engineering, analytics and data science projects of any size

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Data Science Consulting

Plan your data science initiatives with confidence, guided by a team of experienced practitioners & advisors

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Data Science Consultants who code.

We're academics, but we're not just academics. We're also product developers and engineers who care deeply about taking machine learning out of the theoretical, into production systems.

Fully-Managed analytics consulting

A core tenet of the Supertype culture is client empathy. That's why we adapt to the way you work, and not vice versa.

We understand data science is often intertwined with business processes and horizontally integrated with various supporting business functions. We 'localize' to each organizational structure, and deliver solutions fully respecting your existing technological infrastructure.

Data Science Advisors & Developers

From custom software development in the Artificial Intelligence domains (computer vision, natural language processing etc) to automation pipelines for routinely, day-to-day tasks, we can play a role as an advisor, implementor, technology enabler and developer.

Data Analytics & Consulting Services

Analytics Consulting for Enterprises and Startups

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Why Full-Cycle Data Science at Supertype?

If you’re looking to introduce productivity gains and efficiencies in your business process using AI and machine learning, you’ve probably been told to hire a team of data scientists, one or two data engineers, a database person and an ETL specialist. A couple of software developers along with a UX designer. And business analysts to translate business needs to technical specs. When you’re ready to deploy, your IT team gets involved along with the new cloud infrastructure consultant you hired.

This is unruly, and puts a lot of inertia on your data-driven initiatives. Supertype practices a full cycle data science consultancy, combining the science domains (algebra, mathematics, calculus) with the engineering prowess from the computer software domains, thus encouraging an AI enablement process that is process-centric and result-oriented.

MLOps & Prototyping

Suitable for companies looking to build out a minimum viable product or machine learning model.

Data Scientists for Hire

Fastest way to add a few extra hands onto your project, accelerating the ideation to deployment cycle.

Managed Development

Good fit for enterprises in the learning phase of establishing their data science and engineering team.

Analytics Automation

A done--for-you service for companies to extract key insights from a multitude of first- and third-party data sources.

Corporate Training

Ideal for companies looking to upskill their core team members with data science, programming. and engineering skills.

Post-consultation Hand-off

Typically included in any of Supertype's consulting service, with the aim of maximising long-term knowledge transfer.

Battle-hardened Advice

Supertype is the brainchild of Samuel Chan, who also run Indonesia’s most acclaimed data science education center, trusted by more than 400 companies and institutions across Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. He has built and managed multiple software development teams for numerous businesses across Asia Pacific in the last 10 years, and has built and sold multiple successful businesses, including a Slack chatbot, a counter-fraud software, an audience management SaaS, and multiple automation tools for the education sector, before setting up Algoritma, a 60-person strong data science center in 2017.

Samuel is also an avid open source contributor, ranked #1 in Indonesia on StackOverflow’s R and Python topics (top 2% worldwide) between 2017 and 2023 (111 badges, 1.9+ million reach), Asia’s first RStudio Certified Trainer and a guest lecturer on the subject of machine learning, fraud detection, computer vision and software development.


I had the pleasure of working with Samuel and Supertype recently, and can attest to his incredible technical knowledge and his ability to translate complex technical information into simple English. I enjoyed the collaboration and highly recommend his professionalism.

Federica Marchesini

Department of Transport, Western Australia

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