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Supertype's Humans

supertype consultancy
We have one of the slowest hiring speed in the industry. We have no investors and no marketing budget. We have neither the appetite nor the capacity to grow at all costs, and no plans to take on any external funding. We do not hire MBA’s or Busines School graduates.
Supertype is 100% owned by the founders and the people who work tirelessly to make it happen. We are also a 100% engineering team — our analytics consultants are world class developers and the person replying to your business enquiry is the same person whose code you are using.
We’re majors in computer science and/or mathematics with a prolific track record of shipping software for some of the region’s largest companies. We are active maintainers and contributors of open source projects, and operate with a strong sense of ethics, multi-disciplinary competence, and cultivated aptitude for delivering the remarkable and super.

Analytics and Engineering Leadership at Supertype
Building and shaping a culture that rewards the remarkable

aurellia supertype

Aurellia Christie

Team Lead, Enterprise Analytics

- B. Sc in Mathematics
- Speaker at R-Ladies
- Lead, Platform Development at Supertype Sectors
- Versatile, multi-disciplinary analytics consultant to companies like IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange) and central bank of Indonesia (Bank Indonesia)
- Expertise: Machine Learning, Analytics Engineering, Data Science, Web App Development and API Microservices


Vincentius C. Calvin

Team Lead, Infrastructure

- B. Sc in Mathematics
- Certified TensorFlow Developer
- Lead, Sectors API Platform
- Spearhead Machine Learning Ops (MLOps) at Supertype
- A penchant for developing user-centric products (2 apps on the App Store), and count several competitions (won 9th place on a regional competition by Shopee Code League 2021, and a finalist in Microsoft APAC Hackathon 2020) among his experience.

gerald supertype

Gerald Bryan

Team Lead, Data Science Consulting

- B. Sc in Mathematics
- Microsoft Certified Data Analyst associate
- Sought after data science consultant to various clients of Supertype including those within the Adaro Group of companies, Astra Toyota Motors and more
- Expertise: Machine Learning, Data Science, Web App Development and result-oriented analytics consulting

samuel chan supertype

Samuel Chan

Principal Consultant

- Author and instructor of machine learning courses at Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore), NTUC Learning (Singapore), and guest lecturer at various universities in Indonesia
- A decade of enterprise-level analytics consulting in Japan, China, Singapore and Indonesia.
- Avid open source contributor and highest-ranked StackOverflow user in Indonesia (top 2% worldwide)
- Expertise: Commercializing high-scale analytics and automation solutions, data-intensive software architecture, enterprise analytics, growing world-class software teams

Past Experience

- Founder of HyperGrowth, GrowthBot, Algoritma and Supertype; now leading the team in building Sectors, Indonesia's financial data layer
- Through Algoritma, Indonesia's most acclaimed data science education center, provides data science training to more than 500 companies and institutions across the region.
- First in Southeast Asia to receive certification in Microsoft Data Science professional program, MongoDB (2014), and Asia's first RStudio Certified Instructor; Also recipient of Graph Analytics for Big Data from UC San Diego, Machine Learning by Stanford (2016)
- In-house consultant to SEGA-backed goGame, publisher of Disney Crossy Road, Big Hero 6 etc), Adaro (IDX: ADRO) group of companies and ex-employment at Gumi (TYO:3903), DianDian (600634.SH), year-long consulting at Beijing, Tokyo between 2013 and 2016
- Contributor to various publication including whitepapers at the Logistics Institute by NUS (National University of Singapore)
- Ranked #1 in Indonesia on StackOverflow’s R and Python topics (overall top 2% worldwide) between 2017 and 2023 (111 badges, 1.9+ million reach)
- Accredited instructor for NTUC Singapore and IBF (Institute of Banking and Finance) Singapore and guest lecturer in various institutions, and a believer in free, equitable programming education through his work on YouTube.

Supertype Collective is a community of analytics developers, data scientists & engineering leaders building products across the full stack.

Analytics Developers and Engineers at Supertype
Enterprise Analytics experts trusted by Indonesia's leading organization

Geraldus wilsen
Geraldus Wilsen

Data Pipelines, Automation, Large Language Model, Business Intelligence

Wilsen majors in data science and have a deep interest in the field of machine learning. He came in 4th on the National Data Science tournament in 2022 by building an e-commerce optimization tool that helps merchant create better product shots on their e-commerce stores.

Timotius Marselo
Timotius Marselo​

ETL Engineering, Data Warehousing, Data Pipelines and Automation

Timotius is a voracious learner from his days studying and living in China. He returned to Indonesia with the goal of seriously pursuing data science, applied mathematics, NLP (natural language processing) and enterprise analytics. Timotius leads the Sectors team on Data Engineering and Infrastructure.

Christeigen T. Suhalim

Data Pipelines, Machine Learning

Christeigen placed 3rd in the National Data Science Tournament 2022 with a project that features the use of convolutional neural network for e-commerce product images and a 2nd place finish at the Datameka Singapore machine learning competition out of 215 participants.

His previous work experience includes the design and construction of OLAP and OLTP database systems and analytical dashboards.


Analytics, Web App Development

Nisa is a computer science graduate with stints as a data science instructor at Algoritma before diving head first into web-based analytics engineering and front-end web development. She's a highly valued member on the Supertype Sectors team.

aidityas adhakim
Aidityas Adhakim

Data Pipelines, Web App Development

Aidityas has previous experience working in the Technology Security division of PT. XL Axiata, involved in developing a security governance application. His experience as a data engineer prior to that also proves valuable to the team.

Think you'll like working with us?

Apprenticeships at Supertype

You should read our Latitude thesis and our Key Values before applying. We take our values seriously and understand that our philosophy isn’t for everyone.
Spend some time thinking about whether you will enjoy working with us. For example, consider if you do your best work under very structured, hierarchical environments with well-defined deadlines and deliberables.
Supertype is a flat organization with a strong emphasis on autonomy and self-management. We actively discourage micromanagement and setting arbitrary deadlines. If you’re the kind of person who thrives in a structured environment, you may not enjoy working with us.
If you think you might be a good fit, send us an email ( with your resume and a brief introduction.
We don’t require a formal cover letter, but we do want to know why you’re interested in working with us and what you think you can bring to the team. A link to your GitHub profile where we can assess examples of non-trivial code you’ve written is also helpful.
Supertype begin life as a social enterprise, with a founding mission to bring and nurture the best in the region as laid our in the Latitude thesis. We are particularly committed to providing opportunities for those from Indonesia who may not have had the chance to work in a high-growth tech company before.
We are particularly interested in hearing from you if you are:
  • A fresh graduate or have less than 2 years of experience in the tech industry
  • Have a strong sense of pride in your work and an aptitude for delivering remarkable work beyond what is expected of you
  • An excellent communicator who is able to articulate your thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely, and who is able to provide and receive feedback in a constructive manner
  • Although we work fully remotely, you are able to work collaboratively and communicate effectively in English and Bahasa Indonesia
If you do not consider yourself qualified yet for the program, you might instead consider our Supertype Fellowship program, which is a peer-to-peer learning program for those who are still in the process of developing their skills.
  1. No matter how busy, we will always personally acknowledge receipt of your application within 24 hours (no automated responses, we hate those!)
  2. We will always provide feedback on your application, even if it’s a rejection
  3. We will be impartial and fair in our assessment of your application, and will always provide a clear rationale for our decisions

Download the Latitude thesis, our worldview on software engineering as a profession.