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Computer Vision Research & Development

Supertype Foundry design and develop custom computer vision software, offered as API services or standalone web apps, so they can be integrated seamlessly into your existing technology stack.

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Computer Vision: Custom Services

Save substantial research time and cost

By working with our AI scientists and computer vision researchers, you can launch multiple experiments simultaneously at far greater speed and cost efficiency. This typically cuts the time it take to get to a breakthrough innovation, and allow you to cycle through the different iterations of your model with great confidence.

Fully Functional Computer Vision Pipeline

We exercise domain expertise to help you develop an image /video processing pipeline that takes into account your business use-case, existing technology stack, cost factors, and other considerations.

  • We're not just scholars and AI scientists. We work with our software deployment engineers to "serve" your computer vision model as an API or have it embedded into your existing business process.  
  • We help bridge the scientists (science) with the software engineers (engineering), assisting your transition from prototype to production

Computer Vision as a consumable API

Supertype Foundry offers a fully-managed, optionally white-labelled service so you don't have to worry about model serving, hosting, deployment and ongoing maintenance.

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Computer Vision is revolutionizing everything around us, from how we move to how we secure our buildings.
  • Profound implications in the automotive, logistics, and transportation industry, but also in conventional industries such as agriculture and medical science
  • Powered by new breakthroughs in deep learning and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence 
  • Computer vision complements many up-and-coming disruption: Augmented reality, Internet-of-things, Embedded device, Robotics etc
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Leverage on state-of-the-art deep learning libraries and image processing techniques

Our AI scientists and computer vision researchers are seasoned professionals and practitioners from various backgrounds: digital image processing, robotics, machine learning / deep learning specialists etc.  

We combine these expertise to help your company in its research and development effort, and offer practical hands-on assistance each step of your way. 

Computer Vision: Training & Consultation

In addition to managed development services, Supertype also offers industry-based training and consultation in all areas of computer vision.

Computer Vision Essentials (Free)

Foundational to anyone who wish to work with computer vision. It covers some of the most common image processing routines, and have in-depth coverage on mathematical concepts present in the materials. 45+ python scripts, 60 image assets, 5 chapters.

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