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Supertype Incubator ūüź£ is the in-house product factory of Supertype, a team of highly creative data scientists and product engineers who just love to build and hack on things.
It is the birthplace for several of Supertype products, and is a place where our members can experiment on new ideas with total freedom, world class engineering support, absolute creativity and autonomy. 

Open source. community-driven.

peer to peer learning

But with ūü•á badges, timelines, points and elective-based curations.

The Supertype Fellowship platform is developed to be open source from day 1. It is the backbone of the Fellowship program (formerly Supertype Development Program), where participants learn by writing code, creating features, and shipping code to complete one of 10+ electives under mentorship and peer support.

Supertype Fellowship

Open source. community-driven.

Developer Profiles

But with PDF-print, automatic icons, mobile layouts and automatic blog feed. Lightning fast ‚ö°.

The Supertype Collective platform is an open source platform tool that generates visually stunning Developer Profiles that look great on every medium: mobile, tablets, PCs, and even offer a PDF export option.

It features plug and play React Components and Hooks you can bring in to effortlessly create a Developer Profile that impress, in 20 lines or less (low-code).

Open source. Developer productivity (DX)

WordPress to React

But only ūü™∂ 2.1kb, and asynchronously fetch + render WordPress posts

It uses WordPress’¬†officially documented¬†REST API to fetch the posts, so it will always be up to date with the latest WordPress features, returns JSON data (yay! no XML!),¬†zap¬†fast, and with almost no¬†construction¬†maintenance required. Weighing at less than 10kb, it’s also¬†feather¬†featherweight, with no dependencies.

  • gift¬†Beautifully formatted blogroll
  • date¬†Human-friendly dates (e.g. “2 days ago”)
  • dash¬†Uses¬†async¬†and¬†await¬†to fetch posts asynchronously
  • rocket¬†Uses WordPress’s official REST API to fetch posts
  • package¬†No dependencies (Less than 10kb in size)
wordpress-posts-react by supertype


yarn add wordpress-posts-react
# or
npm install wordpress-posts-react

Other open source initiatives

Previously incubated projects ūüź£ from Supertype¬†

Data Sources to PDF
in minutes, not days.

sentiport report generation

A report generation pipeline that takes as input an AppStore or Google Play Store URL and outputs a custom 30-page PDF with aggregated summary and text analysis of app user reviews in minutes.

It uses a keyword extractor routine developed in-house to handle much of the language processing tasks related to the identification and grouping of these reviews into topics (“unfriendly paywall”, “long tutorial”, “app crashes”, “poor customer service”, “very fast loading time” etc), a task known as topic detection in the natural language processing (NLP) space.

The program also uses components of Spacy and NLU by John Snow Labs to meaningfully sift through up to tens of thousands of user reviews in determining user sentiment, with full support of 20+ languages.

The PDF that is generated can be customized to include the client’s logo, as well as an ending CTA (call-to-action) slide, making it perfect for mass lead-generation and client outreach.

NLP: Word Embeddings productivity toolkit

Elang is an open-source python package that helps NLP (natural language processing) researchers, Word2Vec practitioners, educators and data scientists be more productive in training language models, visualizing and experimenting with key concepts in word embeddings.

It features built-in utilities to generate a corpus from Wikipedia, clean and transform it, and visualize the resulting word embeddings.


pip install elang

Example Usage:

from elang.word2vec.builder import build_from_wikipedia
build_from_wikipedia(n=3, lang="id")

Quick Start Guide:

Other open source initiatives

Our industry practitioners develop comprehensive, open-source programs for computer science education. Free forever.

YouTube Analytics API for data mining

Set of Python wrapper functions around YouTube’s API, to ease the collection of data (statistics, comment threads, search results etc) using YouTube’s official API instead of comment-scraping / web-scraping.

Tutorial video on working using YouTube Analytics API:

Example Usage:

# try one of the following
response = search_result("pyscript")
response = channel_stats(channelId) 
response = comment_threads(pyscriptVidId)

Quick Start Guide:

Network Analysis From Email

A python package that provides network graphing utilities and simple header analysis features for email/mailbox data. A sample .mbox file is provided, but you can obtain your own mailbox from your email service provider. Gmail users can export your mail data using the Google Takeout service .

pip install emailnetwork
Example Usage:
from emailnetwork.extract import MBoxReader
from emailnetwork.graph import plot_directed
reader = MBoxReader('path-to-mbox.mbox')
# plot a single directed graph the email at index 3
Quick Start Guide:

Supertype Incubator for education

Our industry practitioners develop comprehensive, open-source programs for computer science education. Free forever.

learnblockchain mobile
Blockchain Topics 
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric Key Cryptograpgy
  • Encryption and Decryption with RSA
  • Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA-256, Keccak)
  • Merkle Tree and Merkle Proof
  • Consensus Mechanism
  • Proof of Work
  • Bitcoin’s Block Generation
  • Coinbase Transaction
  • Mining Reward
  • Ethereum’s Smart Contract
  • Transactions
Learn Blockchain (Academy)

We created an interactive workbook that help the average reader learn about the engineering marvel of blockchain, the Bitcoin protocol, and the cryptographic ideas that made the Bitcoin protocol possible. It is created to facilitate a self-learning approach guided by interactive quizzes, live code editors, experiments and other interactive elements to help the reader acquire theoretical knowledge through experimentation.

Among the features include:

  • Content authored in¬†MDX
  • GraphQL-powered and GraphiQL integration
  • Dark / Light theme switcher
  • Syntax Highlighting with¬†Prism
  • Directly editable through GitHub integration
    • If you spot a typo or error, hit “Edit” and submit the edit directly on GitHub
  • Progressive Web App (Works Online, Offline, even in Airplane mode)
  • Sidebars on both sides, prev / next navigation
  • Search integration with Algolia
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Live code editor with¬†react-live
  • Beautiful, interactive React UX components with¬†Ant Design
  • Beautiful, interactive Charts with¬†Chart.js
  • LaTeX support through¬†react-katex
  • Full integration with¬†crypto-js, a library of crypto standards

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