supertype consultancy

Business Intelligence Development

Full-scale Business Intelligence service, from design to deployment

Custom Business intelligence Design & Development

Our BI development process is software-agnostic: you pick what works best for your business and we build the connections that integrate them into one single source of truth.

a Custom-made BI Dashboard in days, not months.

Our BI Development Process

Understand the role of Data in your Current Process

  • Identify key business needs and draw user personas for business intelligence¬†
  • Understand the data architecture of your organization
  • Diagnose current decision-making processes within each division
  • Understand the key sources of data flowing into the organization (first party data, 3rd party, web services etc)

Architect a BI Development Process that is result-driven

  • Mockups of business dashboards that are driven to address your biggest data challenges¬†
  • Design the flow of data (data pipelines) based on your underlying business process
  • Present analytics in a way that is insightful, actionable, and purposeful

Develop on a stack that works for your business

  • Being tool-agnostic and language-agnostic, we engineer solutions that maximize compatibility with your existing tech stack
  • Build your custom dashboards using best-in-class tools and infrastructures (Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, Google Data Studio)
  • Our development efforts are guided by a team of BI developers and business analysts with high business acumen

Deploy on Cloud or your own servers

  • Receive custom made BI dashboards, with your own corporate identity (logo, color, brand) in days
  • Assist you in the deployment, using any¬†cloud service of your choice (extra fee involved with cloud servers and licensing are transparently managed, on a cost basis with no markup)¬†
  • Receive your custom made Business Intelligence with proper documentation, and a complimentary onboarding session to get key buy-ins from your users

Accessible Pricing

For Teams of All Sizes


Suitable for API-only Integrations
$900 / 3 integrations
  • One time setup fee
  • Delivered in 5 business days
  • Custom Design (built-from-scratch)
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Integration
  • Data Cleansing & Transformation