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Data-driven campaigns and creatives

Supertype enables creative agencies to take a data-driven approach in identifying the biggest trends and factors in clients’ campaign performance.

On a scale that wasn’t possible before.


Taking the guesswork out of Ad Creatives lifespan and over-time performance

Creadits employ designers who create creative assets, such as those used in digital ads, on behalf of their clients. Ad creatives have a lifespan and are regularly refreshed as their effectiveness gradually decline following repeated exposures. Studying this process can help Creadits develop creative assets that have a longer lifespan, with a decay rate that is 20% to 40% slower than pre-intervention.

Unactionable raw data without intervention

Creative designers need data on past creative performance, major trends and other systematic patterns in high-performance ads. These data in its raw form, unprocessed, are unactionable.


  • Machine Learning Model

    Supertype developed analysis that quantify the creative decay process for Creadits, yielding a mathematical model that describe when ads plateau and wear-out, and establish baselines that help its in-house analysts strategize on ad creative ideas

  • Determining performance factors

    Generate deep insights on characteristics of 'winning' creatives by sweeping through different combinatorial sets, resulting in creatives that are 40% more performant than industry benchmarks

    By incorporating mathematical models in the ad creative process, Creadits is able to yield an out-performance of up to 40%.

  • Automatic Analysis

    The programmatically generated key insights are incorporated into Creadits' client services, improving client retention while spending 90% less time on manual labour.

Solutions in Numbers

0 %
slower decay rate
70 %
less time on labour

Supertype allow us to keep our finger on the pulse of what users are saying about our client´s apps in realtime. It´s really useful when working on creative messaging strategies.

Nick Gibbons

Co-founder, Creadits

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