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Programmatic Report Generation

Automated Report Generation with Supertype Summary, a done-for-you programmatic PDF generation service.

Supertype Summary creates a highly tailored pipeline that output bespoke PDF in seconds, not days or hours.

Because your time is too valuable to be looking for insights from millions of data points across multiple services, Summary consolidates your most important data feeds and puts them all in a digestible, insightful, actionable format — delivered to your inbox on a schedule that works for you.

Programmatic Report Generation, in seconds.

Supertype Summary connects with your first-party data feeds (in-house database, API etc) or third party data sources (AppStore, e-Commerce analytics, payment service, API subscriptions etc). 

It analyzes the data, and organize them into actionable sections of information spread across beautifully crafted PDF pages. To achieve this task Supertype Summary uses state-of-art NLP and custom-train AI models so all reports are truly one of a kind, especially crafted to maximize business value for you.

supertype summary pdf generation
Mobile App Publishers & Agencies

Build comprehensive PDFs plugged to first-party data sources (AppsFlyer, Adjust, etc) or third-party data streams like the AppStore or Google Play Store and rely on our intelligent topic clustering AI to turn millions of user reviews and other data points into actionable feedback, weighted by their impact to your app ratings.

e-Commerce & Brand Owners

Combine data from the various e-commerce channels to get a consolidated PDF so you can keep tabs on inventory, profitability, SKU availability, promotions and discounts in a nicely formatted, regularly updated document right in your inbox.

Social Media Managers & Ad Agencies

No more manual report creation -- Supertype Summary pulls data directly from your brand's social media pages and ad accounts to bring you updated numbers on your brand engagement, ads performance, and key insights.

Product and Dev Ops

Connect with DevOps and Product Analytics like Firebase and Sentry to receive automated, scheduled reports giving you an overview of your software's general availability, reliability and usability.

Investors and Fund managers

Generate thousands of personalized reports or recommendations for your clients, where historical stock performance, benchmark indexes, diversification analysis, geopolitical analysis, short-term sentiment and other market indicators are regularly delivered to your clients' mailbox.

The programmatic report generator [Summary] that Supertype created was very helpful in helping us engage with our mobile app clients, and in opening conversations. Most of all, the charts it generate looks gorgeous and the topic identification model is spot on!

Yair Yaskerovitch

VP Media, Zoomd Technologies (ZOMD.V, ZMDTF)

How Does it Work?

Not just any automated report. Supertype Summary is built with state-of-the-art NLP / language models and an automatic, proprietary insights discovery process. Our data scientists and engineers work with you to define the data feeds for your PDF report generation pipeline, and develop the automation alongside your feedback.

1 Data Feeds
Web Scraping & Data Collection

A common source of data for automated reports is web scraping. We're specialists in building automated scripts that periodically collect data from the web, no matter how complex the task.

In-house database Connection

By connecting to your database or saved SQL queries, Supertype Summary can generate pages of insights that are always up-to-date with your internal data, keep these analytics and reports in-sync as new data flows in.

Third Party API

To generate these programmatic reports, you may need to connect to data sources using 3rd party APIs. Examples of these are social media APIs, stock market data APIs, and other readily available APIs.

2 PDF Components
Tabular, Charts, or Narrative

Each slide in the PDF could contain elements such as a well-formatted table, purpose narrative text generated from our Language Generation AI, or stunning visuals in your chosen color palette.

Natural Language AI

You may wish to include sentiment analysis on user reviews, e-commerce shoppers' feedback, social media comments or just about any textual input. These uses state of the art AI models custom-trained on your data on our cloud GPU server.

Predictive Analytics & ML Pipeline

Execute custom-trained or pre-trained machine learning routines before embedding the results directly in the programmatic PDF. This way, predictive analytics are always interpreted in-context.

Automatic Insights Discovery

Using a series of machine learning models, our data scientists can incorporate insights discovery as a downstream from the data feeds. These help unearth interesting patterns, highlights correlations, and separate signals from the noise.

3 Delivery & Automation
Scheduled Email Delivery

Your programmatically created PDF could be run and executed on a given schedule, complete with automatic mail delivery so they arrive in yours -- or your clients' -- inbox without manual labor.

White-Label & Agency-friendly

Add custom pages onto the programmatic PDF for call-to-action, sales offer, or enquiry channel. This works great for agencies and consultancies that generate hundreds of automatic reports for sales prospecting.

Custom Logo & Branding Styles

Technical documents and reports, even if they're automatic, doesn't have to all look the same. Our engineers are happy to work in close consultation with you to implement a branding style that is truly yours.

Bespoke Solution without compromise

From guided on-boarding, followed by tailor-made solution delivery, to a fully personalized consuting experience.

Schedule a Demo

Schedule a call with us to see Supertype Summary in action and explore how our done-for-you programmatic reporting service could save you lots in manpower.

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