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Harness the Transformative Power of Large Language Models (LLM)s and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)s


The Forefront of LLM Engineering

Battle-hardened LLM Development & Consulting

Supertype’s LLM software development is led by Samuel Chan, a known contributor and educator in the LLM space. Samuel maintains an active repository of scaffolding tools, sample Python scripts, and templates for building LLM apps with tools that are widely considered industry’s best practice. His LLM engineering series featuring LangChain, LlamaIndex, Pinecone, Chroma and OpenAI has been watched by more than 200,000 students, and are publicly available on YouTube (140,000 views on YouTube).

LLM Practitioners

The team at Supertype that specializes in LLM are vastly experienced in building custom question-and-answer systems that seamlessly plug into your own data — be it a database, a document archive, or data stored in some proprietary format. We’ve developed and deployed a number of knowledge retrieval systems that combine the best in production-ready RAGs (Retrieval Augmented Generation) with scalable vector stores trained from your custom data sources. 

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Samuel Chan

Timotius Marselo

Timotius Marselo

Geraldus Wilsen

Geraldus Wilsen

Custom Data + Language AI + Expert Execution

Bespoke LLM Solutions

Custom Search Engine

Integrate the power of LLMs into your applications and IT stack to provide a search engine that goes beyond keyword search, into the realm of semantic search and natural language question-answering.

Chatbot Development

Elevate your customer support and engagement with intelligent chatbots that can understand and answer questions in natural language, trained and fine-tuned to understand the specific domain of your business.

Expert Systems

Build expert systems that can answer questions in a specific domain, such as medicine, law, finance, etc. by combining LLMs with domain-specific knowledge bases and existing literature.

Conversational Interface

Offer your customers a conversational interface to your software products where knowledge retrieval and data exploration can be done in natural language.

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