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E-Commerce + Data

Take your e-commerce business to the next level

If you’re a Shopify seller, WooCommerce user, or sell anything online at all, you’re probably obsessed with growth. We’ve got your back. 

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data analytics

Our data analysts handle all your number-intensive tasks, and crunch your data to give your growth-inducing insights.


We write scripts to automate work that would conventionally rely on human-labor and manual spreadsheets.


We use proven methods that help drive conversion rates, keep churn low and your ARPU up.

Data-enabled eCommerce

From competitive analysis, to automated price scraping and lifetime value calculation, our team of e-commerce growth experts and data analysts work in tandem to give you every bit of advantage.

Recommender Systems

Cross-selling, up-selling, or just personalized curation to every customer through your e-commerce funnel

Lifetime Value Prediction

Optimize your customer acquisition strategy by offsetting your customer acquisition cost (CAC) with their projected LTV

Automated Price Scraping

Using Webdrivers and Selenium, we generate price lists, ratings, discounts of every products on your sites and your competitors.

Market Basket Analysis

Bundle pricing strategy, cross-selling, inventory analytics, and knowing what products sell together

Sales & Seasonality Forecasting

Understand how seasonality affects your sales, and make more reliable forecasts with our statistical model

Multi-channel Media Buying

Optimize your ad buying by maximizing the value of every dollar using cross-channel attribution models

Related Services

E-commerce entrepreneurs are some of the most driven, high-energy individuals in business, and that's no surprise given the stiff competition that comes with selling online.

We've put together a bundle of data-related services focusing entirely on the e-commerce vertical, so you can achieve more in lesser time.

business dashboard development

Business Intelligence

Custom analytics dashboard for everyone: the e-commerce marketer, the sales manager, the CFO and your logistics department. Simple, one-time pricing.

Flat Price, Discounted

E-commerce Analytics Setup

A bundled service for e-commerce entrepreneurs / solopreneurs setting up their web tracking foundations. An all-in-one Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager + training and consultation for a one-time fee.