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Mobile Apps and Games

Keep churn rate low. And ARPU high.

From mobile app attribution, to in-app events tracking and advertising data, mobile app publishers have a vast amount of disparate data sources to consolidate and analyze. We can lend a hand.

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in-App Analytics

We help companies gain a numerical understanding of their app users: retention, DAU, ARPU and in-app purchase behavior

App Store Analytics

We write automated NLU (natural language understanding) programs to help you distill millions of user reviews into an actionable priority list

User Acquisition Analytics

We help you make the best out of data from your marketing attribution tools such as AppsFlyer, Adjust, Facebook and other tracking SDKs

e-Commerce Apps

Optimize user journeys, onboard first-time users, personalize your product recommendations, increase sales with a dynamic pricing strategy

Mobile Games

Optimize tutorial completion rates, first time purchases, improve overall monetization, and minimize churn risk using in-game analytics

Data-enabled Mobile App Publishing

Our analysts and developers help you reconcile data from multiple SDKs and tracking services; Together we map these data to IAP planning, retention rate optimization, LTV forecasting, features roadmap planning, and your user acquisition strategy.

app review analysis report

iOS & Android User Growth

A more comprehensive user acquisition strategy, a data-backed media buy plan, consolidated ROAS (return on ad spend) using mathematical models

Freemium & IAP Models

Optimize monetization by forecasting and classifying your ad inventory (supply-side), and increase advertising revenue using yield management strategies

Automated App Store Analytics

Receive a programmatically generated report using data from Google Play Store reviews, in minutes

Supertype Summary

Use our report generator to build a tailored report (PDF) for your Android app:

  • 1. GooglePlay URL

    Enter the link to your app on Google Play (for example

  • 2. Select a Country

    Apps may see different user reviews based on where their location is. If your app is available in two or more countries, pick one from the list.

  • 3. Check your Inbox

    A PDF containing analysis of your app (language analysis, sentiment analysis, time series, ratings distribution) collected from the Google Play store will be sent to you in minutes.

We can build automated programs for

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Data Science for Mobile Apps & Mobile Advertisers

Applying data analytics to digital advertising (A workflow recap)

How Supertype’s data scientist help a digital advertising client increase response rate by more than 20% (a workflow recap)

Creadits x Supertype

Supertype’s data scientists and Creadits combined to produce advertising creatives that are 40% more performant, powered by data

Data Science for App Review Analysis

Working with app review analytics: the data science methodologies, tools and problem-solving frameworks you need to make sense of customer reviews

Decision boundaries with PCA and FAMD

Multiple approaches to dimensionality reduction for pattern discovery, visualization and drawing decision boundaries (PCA, FAMD, PCAmix)

mobile game data analysis

Hire a Data Analyst

A flat-fee, monthly pay-as-you-go service that tie your business up with one or more data analyst(s) well versed with the different aspects of mobile app / game publishing. Most compatible with mobile app taking their first steps into implementing data-driven processes and machine learning experiments.

Flat Price, Discounted
frm model analysis

Business Intelligence

Custom analytics dashboard that brings together data from your user acquisition team, monetization team, in-app analytics SDK and everything else. Includes an audit of your existing processes, design, planning and development of your own analytics system. One-time pricing.