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An innate passion for AI-driven technologies, data visualization techniques and helping companies engage opportunities with data.

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Tell Compelling Stories

Deliver uniquely interactive experiences that inspire action and emphasizes clarity.

R Shiny apps
Key Mobile Analytics in one place
Custom designed for a leading mobile game studio in Asia Pacific (APAC), Quadrant is an internal marketing intelligence dashboard that connects to the client's database through SQL and streams data from AppsFlyer, the client's marketing attribution tool.

The application visualizes the gamer base on a marketing quadrant, display gamer base growth (user acquisition) over time, incorporate forecasting functionalities, and allow the client to predict whether a gamer would convert to a paying customer based on their in-game activities from the first week by uploading a CSV file directly onto the QuadrantX tab.

We make a lite copy using dummy values to demonstrate the core feature sets.
covid dashboard
A global perspective on the Covid-19 pandemic
In the early days of 2020 -- on the first sign of Covid-19 -- readily available analytics with worldwide coverage was limited. We built a global tracker powered by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), with features to filter for the top 10, 20, or 30 countries by number of cases, along with numerous display toggles to alternate between visualization types and ordering criteria. A tabular representation of the data is also available and visitors are able to download the data as CSV directly from the web application directly. Since the application uses data from CSSE, it will always serve the most updated data along with a simple row of summary statistics above the visualization.

The project is open-source and the code is also available on GitHub.
david ve capital

Supertype is exceptional in its service. Sets up the tracking and end-to-end analytics infrastructure for our e-commerce platform in no time.

David Ng

Founder, Three Kraters Pte Ltd, and Venture Partner at TNB Aura

Automate with Software

Multiply your speed of execution and operational efficiency through carefully engineered solutions. 

corgi quiz automation
Automatically build quizzes from plain text files
Corgi (courses on GitHub) is an automation tool for quiz authoring and publishing. It enables programming-course educators to create MCQ (multiple choice question) and assign scores to each question, all from the comfort of a plaint-text markdown file (.md). You can set passing grades on each course, maximum attempts, and see all students who have earned a badge on the course in one quick view. This is possible by leveraging on GitHub API. Corgi automatically looks into the repository for a file named and generates the corresponding quizzes to be saved its database.

For learners, Corgi offers a free-for-all buffet-style learning environment by aggregating programming and data science courses from GitHub. You can participate in any course freely, and your attempts will be rewarded with badges on your profile wall. You can bookmark courses for each access, look at others who have completed the course, and you can freely participate in any of the programming courses you find.
pedagogy app
Empowering education professionals
An open source performance management tool for education professionals who are believers of evidence-based practices in education. Pedagogy delivers key performance indicators and assembly-wide analytics to its employees and training roster. It is open-sourced on GitHub as part of our company’s effort to (1) evangelize evidence-based teaching methods and to (2) instill a growth-oriented mindset in every educator that works with us.

Feature sets include:
  • Backend Administrative Management
  • Company-wide statistics
  • Instructor Analytics
  • Personal Accomplishments
  • Survey Integration
  • Instructor Reviews

Solve Predictive Problems

Incorporate predictive features into your service of applications

auto sentence completion
Complete user's sentences with Language-based AI
An open source application that suggest a list of the most likely next-word given a string of word. Its industrial use is most noted in keyboard apps, where a smartphone user can benefit from the suggestions and save himself (herself) some precious minutes and make the painful act of texting a lot less painful. More recently, this form of sentence completion has made its way into email service providers (Gmail, Outlook etc.) and even into code editors (GitHub Copilot).

The language model we used is described in Large Language Models in Machine Translation by the engineers at Google.
machine learning mobile app
Assisting the Hearing Impaired Community
Selaras is a sign language interpreter in the form of a mobile chat application, specially tailored to serve the needs of the deaf and HoH (Hard of Hearing) community in Indonesia. The neural network that powers it employs computer vision, TextToSpeech, and TextToSpeech to facilitate the translation between hand gestures, the corresponding Indonesian sentences, and the audio speech based on that sentence. A project led by Vincentius Christopher Calvin (unit leader at Supertype) along with his fellow collaborators.

Enable Developers & change-makers

We publish and maintain open-source toolkits that the larger developer community can benefit from.

Build Text Embeddings Faster

Elang is a python package that helps NLP (natural language processing) researchers, Word2Vec practitioners, educators and data scientists be more productive in training language models, visualizing and experimenting with key concepts in word embeddings.

It has a number of built-in utilities to generate a corpus from Wikipedia, to cleansing and transformation, and visualizing word embeddings.


pip install elang

Example Usage:

from elang.word2vec.builder import build_from_wikipedia
build_from_wikipedia(n=3, lang="id")

Quick Start Guide:

Network Analysis From Email

A python package that provides network graphing utilities and simple header analysis features for email/mailbox data. A sample .mbox file is provided, but you can obtain your own mailbox from your email service provider. Gmail users can export your mail data using the Google Takeout service .


pip install emailnetwork

Example Usage:

from emailnetwork.extract import MBoxReader
from emailnetwork.graph import plot_directed
= MBoxReader('path-to-mbox.mbox')
# plot a single directed graph the email at index 3 plot_single_directed(reader,3)

Quick Start Guide:

Open Source Blockchain Education

Our industry practitioners develop comprehensive, open-source programs for computer science education. Free forever.

learnblockchain mobile
Blockchain Topics 
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric Key Cryptograpgy
  • Encryption and Decryption with RSA
  • Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA-256, Keccak)
  • Merkle Tree and Merkle Proof
  • Consensus Mechanism
  • Proof of Work
  • Bitcoin’s Block Generation
  • Coinbase Transaction
  • Mining Reward
  • Ethereum’s Smart Contract
  • Transactions
Learn Blockchain (Academy)

We created an interactive workbook that help the average reader learn about the engineering marvel of blockchain, the Bitcoin protocol, and the cryptographic ideas that made the Bitcoin protocol possible. It is created to facilitate a self-learning approach guided by interactive quizzes, live code editors, experiments and other interactive elements to help the reader acquire theoretical knowledge through experimentation.

Among the features include:

  • Content authored in MDX
  • GraphQL-powered and GraphiQL integration
  • Dark / Light theme switcher
  • Syntax Highlighting with Prism
  • Directly editable through GitHub integration
    • If you spot a typo or error, hit “Edit” and submit the edit directly on GitHub
  • Progressive Web App (Works Online, Offline, even in Airplane mode)
  • Sidebars on both sides, prev / next navigation
  • Search integration with Algolia
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Live code editor with react-live
  • Beautiful, interactive React UX components with Ant Design
  • Beautiful, interactive Charts with Chart.js
  • LaTeX support through react-katex
  • Full integration with crypto-js, a library of crypto standards

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