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Reinventing Education

Blurring the line between Education and Work

Supertype’s Development program is a half-study, half-work program that helps you acquire employable data science skills, and obtain precious real-world experience from day one. You are provided on-the-job training, and meet with your mentor every week to discuss learning progress and milestones.

You will be assigned to a work unit (“Unit Assignment”) that is most compatible with your career aspirations, learning objectives and existing strengths.

Become A Supertype Collective


As a member of Supertype, you will join a private peer learning group, committed to work with you and help you grow while you take your first steps into a highly fulfilling data science career. You will gain extremely valuable commercial experience by working on commercial projects from clients all across the globe.

Direct path to employability

Graduates from the Development Program are offered immediate employment. Our positions are 100% remote, so you can do your best work in whatever location works best for you.

Self-paced Learning

Commit 4 to 6 hours each day to honing your skills, polishing your tools and build a repository of commercial work portfolio.

Risk-free Work Experience

Warm up to doing professional work by participating in projects alongside more senior peers and receive feedback from a supportive group.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Learn from others who have been on the same journey as the one you’re on. Contribute by participating in private help threads on our private community.

Work on Paid Projects

Whenever you’re ready and feeling confident, we put you on paid commercial projects so you start to get paid. Members in the program averages IDR 8,000,000 / month.


supertype collective

Key Areas

Areas of Skill Development
Deep Learning Research

Join a work unit that is obsessed about the latest research in natural language processing, computer visions, and novel research straight from academic papers.

Machine Learning in Production

Join a work unit that takes the latest breakthrough in the field of machine learning and ships them into end products with the polish for en-masse consumption.

Business Intelligence

Join a work unit that works on Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Google Data Studio and builds interactive data visualization tools for businesses.

API Microservices

Build modular services that integrate machine learning models with business-side logic using modern client-server architectures.

2023 Intake

The Supertype Development Program has been retired in favor of Supertype Fellowship, an open source peer learning community that we're soft-launching in Q2, 2023.

GitHub profile is strongly preferred; Candidates without a GitHub account can submit a link to their CV instead
Pick one that best describes your experience
For us to get in touch with you
A quick summary of your personal and professional experience, and what you're looking to get out of this apprenticeship

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions unanswered? Email Us.

Do I pay upfront for the Program? Are there exemptions?

No. Enrollment to the program is free. We use a pay-it-forward model, so our graduates help fund the education for the next cohort of students. You pay nothing upfront. 

If you’re a graduate from a qualified bootcamp, you are 100% exempted from the pay-it-forward model. So this makes it a 100% free program for you. 

What does Pay-it-Forward means?

A financing model that allow students to enroll in the program tuition-free, and upon securing their first client, begin to pay a fixed percentage into a fund to finance future students’ tuition.

If you’re a graduate from a qualified bootcamp or have the necessary academic qualifications, you are exempted from the pay-it-forward model, making this a 100% free program.

Who is a good fit for this program?

You are constantly learning on-the-job, picking up skills as and when you need them, and having to juggle that with regular mentor-led learning sessions. If that sounds like nightmare, you are better off with a coding bootcamp or boring entry-level internship elsewhere.

If this is your idea of fun, you’re a good fit.

What does Paid Project means?

Whenever you are ready, you will be assigned to work with more senior, experienced members to fulfill your project assignments. These may be from businesses in Indonesia, or businesses from overseas (>50% of our clients are from overseas). 

You will take a portion of revenue from these assignments. These can range wildly but our members average ~IDR 8m every month.

Why isn't there a fixed Curriculum?

At the heart of the Supertype Collective Development program is the work unit systems.

Enrollment in the program will start with a placement into one work unit, where you undergo on-the-job training specific to the work unit’s emphasis. If you need to supplement your on-the-job training with a rigorous, structured learning program, Supertype will pay for your education and enroll you into an evening class bootcamp under the pay-it-forward model.

In most cases, you are doing a learn + work program that maximizes your return on time in terms of skill development,  work exposure and commercial experience.

Is this better than conventional degree Programs?

(1) University provides you with a fixed curriculum, we don’t. Your mentors tailor your education to focus on your strengths, and your key aspirations.

(2) A university degree is good for the CV. But what’s great for the CV is actual work experience. When you’re ready, we get you on paid client projects.

That’s real-world industry experience that recruiters pay a premium for, that you wouldn’t get from academia.

(3) We’re also a lot cheaper. $0 upfront cost, and an industry-ready resume for the reasons above is incredible value, we think.

Why do you accept only 10-15 participants in this program?

Supertype will continue to run as a social initiative that emphasizes on creating the highest amount of impact to our member’s career, personal development goals and growth. This is easier said than done, because each enrollment we receive close to 200 applications but only accept ~5% of them.

We can only achieve the level of care (mentorship, ongoing training, project-based learning) and attention to everyone if we keep the team relatively compact.

Keeping it compact also ensure higher throughput per person and greater internal cohesion. This is great for culture, and for setting an environment that emphasizes on productivity for everyone.

What happen at the end of the program?

A few possible scenarios. We regularly make full-time hires from the Development program, so a portion of the team will be offered a full time employment contract with us by the end, or in the middle, of the Development program.

You may also be asked (completely voluntary, no obligation) to offer mentorship to the subsequent intake in this program. 

If you’re a final year student nearing graduation, you will resume studies and may be given an employment contract in advance, which goes into effect when you’re ready to enter the workforce.

Regardless, you would have gained precious commercial work experience, and an industry-ready resume that helps establish yourself.